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About Bainbridge/SPS Pest Control

Founded in 1992, Bainbridge/SPS Pest Control has grown and kept pace in an industry that is constantly evolving. Located in southwest Geauga County, we are located close to Rt. 306 and the Rt 422 Expressway. We service schools, churches, restaurants, clubs, health-care facilities, apartment complexes, and other commercial and residential properties. We have an excellent safety record, and take our responsibility for your families safety very seriously. Two of our technicians have a combined work experience of over 60 years.

Now that's experience!

We believe in being thorough & professional.

Bainbridge/SPS Pest Control is proud to be a family-owned and operated business:

Dale Arvay

Dale is the owner/operator of Bainbridge/SPS Pest Control, as well as a recognized expert on local pests. Dale is a fully Licensed Pest Control Technician. When not staring down pests, Dale is active in his local church parish's music ministry as both a part-time director and pianist, and enjoys playing piano in and around Bainbridge-area events through Dale Arvay's Music For All Occasions. Dale is a member of the Chagrin Falls Rotary Club, and an avid Cleveland sports fan.

Mike Arvay

Mike, Dale's son, is V.P. of Operations in addition to a skilled full-time Licensed Pest Control Technician, and is fully certified. Mike specializes in perimeter control and power spray, and is an expert at yellow jacket treatment. Mike also enjoys music, and he is a multitalented instrumentalist, having played guitar and drums for heavy rock bands in the Cleveland area.

Phil Mohorich

Bainbridge/SPS Pest Control welcomes Dale's brother-in-law Phil back to the team! Besides being a Licensed Pest Control Technician, Phil has extensive experience in contracting and home improvement, adding another level of service to Bainbridge/SPS Pest Control's menu, including tuck pointing & masonry repairs, glass/window glazing, caulking, exclusion, and minor repairs. When he's not working with Bainbridge/SPS Pest Control, Phil is active in the community, as well as being one of the most dedicated Cleveland sport fans around—and, therefore, among the most perenially disappointed.

Karen Arvay

Karen, Dale's wife, is the Vice President & Office Manager for Bainbridge/SPS Pest Control, and she also helps keep Bainbridge/SPS Pest Control's office computers running smoothly. Outside of her Bainbridge/SPS Pest Control duties, Karen is a singer along with Dale in their local church parish's music ministry. She also has a love of all things Apple and most Cleveland sports.

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Finally, Greg, Dale's son-in-law, knows nothing about pests—but he does know about websites and technology. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the website, please email and Greg will get back to you.

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