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Carpenter Ants Get The Hammer.

Carpenter ants are the most common household ant pest in the United States. They love to build their nests in damp, dead wood. They're tenacious eaters, and are known to look up to 100 yards for food; their diet is varied, and includes sweets like sugar, fruit, honey and syrups, most kinds of meat, grease and fat, plant juices, and even other insects.

While this ant doesn't sting, worker ants have a sharp acidic bite.

Because they favor moist wood, any wood that's in contact with the ground is a common entry point for carpenter ants to begin nesting. Leaks inside your home due to damage, or leaky plumbing and appliances, make conditions favorable for them to move in. In addition, blocked gutters that cause a water flow can also invite carpenter ants.

Once carpenter ants have built a nest, common consumer insecticides aren't able to penetrate deeply enough to kill carpenter ant colonies that are often in voids or remote hollow areas. Bainbridge/SPS Pest Control has the expertise to eliminate or completely control their colonies.

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