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Then Came SPS And Washed The Spiders Out

Quick: what has eight legs, venomous fangs, breathe air, and sometimes get an unfair bad rap? No, it's not the Cleveland Browns' offensive line (they have 10 legs between the five of them, though yes, Joe and Alex may very well have venomous fangs.)

The answer is spiders! Spiders are a subset of arachnids and are incredibly diverse among all orders of organisms. Some spider species are extremely helpful and beneficial. Others, not so much. All can spin webs of silk in either the typical spiral orb or tangled cobwebs. All but one species are predators, mostly eating insects and other spiders, but a couple large spider species will happily trap & munch on lizards(!) and birds(!!). They'll capture their prey either in the aforementioned webs, lasso them with sticky bolas, mimic & surprise the prey, or just flat-out running their prey down.

Some spiders also show signs of intelligence in their hunting tactics and others are active hunters with acute vision, but most simply hunt by sensing vibrations.

Only a few spider species have venom that is dangerous to humans, but all of the spiders that have large enough fangs to bite humans can cause painful bites. Among the dangerous spider species, the recluse is the most common in our area, with widow spiders being much less common.

Other spiders to watch out for here in Northeast Ohio include huntsman, banana, yellow, "bold jumper", and parson spiders, among others. Huntsman and banana spiders in particular can hitch a ride with produce from the grocery store, though this has become less common over time and they usually escape from humans without attacking.

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