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Power Spray Pests Away.

Don't let stinging insects such as yellow jackets, bees, wasps, or hornets ruin your outdoor activities. If you worry about being attacked by these pests when hosting a cookout or enjoying your yard, you should contact Bainbridge/SPS Pest Control about our Power Spray service. It eliminates and controls those aggressive stinging insects so that you can relax and enjoy the warm weather months.

What's So Powerful About Power Spray?

Power spraying is a technique that not only eliminates your current stinging insect infestation, but also helps protect your home against future infestations, such as nest-building, drilling into your home, and ground infestations. Power spraying is safe for all building materials such as vinyl, wood and brick, and doesn't discolor or damage your home any more than regular water would.

The chemicals we use are expertly applied and safer & more effective than the "long spray" cans you buy at your local hardware store—and those petroleum-solvent products available to consumers can damage vinyl and asphalt shingles, while our power spray will not. Our technicians are trained to spray effectively and efficiently, so that you don't have to worry about a sopping wet residue after treatment is complete, and our technicians are aware of and will avoid treating hanging baskets and planters as well as herb & vegetable gardens.

Is Power Spray Limited to My House?

No! Bainbridge/SPS Pest Control can also treat decks, sheds, pole barns, and other structures just as easily as your house itself.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of power spraying can vary depending on the size of the area to be treated and how easy it is for our technicians to reach various corners and crevices. We are priced competitively with other pest control companies, but we also bring our decades of experience and history of satisfied customers to every job. If you find yourself swatting at bees, or getting dive-bombed by yellow jackets when trying to enjoy your backyard, don't delay—contact us today!

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